Open Hardware for Education and Research

Cured.Bio is a small company based in Barcelona since 2017. It was fund under the belief that digital fabrication is a game changer for education, research and citizen science projects.

Digital fabrication tools are widely spread, allowing anyone to build virtually everything. But also, it allows a real science democratization, where anyone can build their own laboratory equipment.

From Cured.Bio we want to use our maker abilities and biology expertise to help students, educators, researchers and other citizen scientists to reach their goals.

As teachers know, STEM education isn’t just the course content—it’s the process of being scientists. The education based on Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a way to solve problems in real-world contexts. Skills like collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving are part of any STEM PBL, and will be needed for students to be effective.

Our STEM educational programs and workshops make use of the open hardware ecosystem (like Arduino or Raspberry Pi) applied to real science problems though PBL, where teachers can start small in their first implementations and pick only a couple of content areas to target and add more content later.

Laboratory equipment can be very expensive. This fact makes prohibitive to perform proof of concept projects for a lot of small and medium research laboratories.

Digital fabrication tools allow researchers to build functional prototypes to test their hypothesis, before investing a great amount of time and money. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of scientific articles with open hardware, which can help to growth current or future research projects.

Cured.Bio offers its expertise to researchers who needs custom hardware for their research.

Citizen science can help researchers to address previously insoluble problems and, at the same time, can educate and engage general public into different science topics.

Many scientists eager to take part in such dialogues with communities, but many of them fear that it will jeopardize their current projects by spending too much time and effort with the public.

Cured.Bio can help researchers to develop and coordinate citizen science projects, taking care of grant application, project development and people engagement.


Why Cured.Bio?


STEM Education

STEM programs integrate and apply knowledge of math and science in order to create technologies and solutions for real-world problems, but also teamwork and communications are a major focus. Throughout the program, students have the freedom to think critically, creatively, and innovatively, as well as opportunities to fail and try again in safe environments.


Open Science

We strongly believe that science is open by default. For years, Creative Commons has been involved in with projects and policy to enable and support the open sharing of scientific information. That’s why we share our projects under Creative Commons License, so you can use it for free.


Open Hardware

Open hardware allows users to modify and fix equipment, reducing project costs but also give them the possibility to adapt the hardware to their needs. Using digital fabrication tools, now is possible to build custom research devices according project requirements.


Wet Lab

Cured.Bio is specialized in biological sciences. We want to translate real research to education centers and society, allowing a better comprehension of science and the impact that produces in our society. Also, we help teachers acquiring laboratory equipment and showing how to use them hand by hand.


Budget Optimization

Science can be expensive but is important to keep in mind the objectives of the project. You just need to know which are your objectives and budgeting, and we’ll are take care of the rest.


Personalized Support

At Cured.Bio we know that science requires patience and a lot of support in order to achieve your goals. We offer our technically and wet-lab expertise to solve scientific problems for educators and science citizens.

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What we offer

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    Science Workshops

    We offer biology related workshops for educators, students, research institutions and general public.

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    STEAM Eduaction Support

    We develop STEAM projects for schools, focusing on real science problems and guiding step-by-step teachers and students.

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    We build hardware for eduaction, scientific research and citizen science projects adapted to their technical and budget needs.

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    Biology Laboratory Equipment

    We sell and rent biology laboratory equipment and reagents, ideal for education and exhibitions.

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